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Academic integrity in the age of AI

An overview of resources for academic leaders and educators looking to preserve academic integrity in instruction and assessment, amidst the rise of AI tool usage.

Academic leaders are tasked with striking the delicate balance of leveraging AI's potential while fostering students’ original thinking and safeguarding institutional integrity.

Discover an invaluable collection of resources designed to empower educators and academic decision-makers as they navigate the integration of AI in teaching and learning environments. Our resources are geared towards facilitating the effective and ethical use of AI writing tools, preparing students and educators for a future increasingly shaped by technology.

As AI evolves, so will our resources, so bookmark this page and plan to revisit it regularly for helpful information and strategies.

Resources for academic leaders

Explore these resources for academic decision makers charting the course of AI integration at their institutions

Resources for educators

Dive into this set of comprehensive resources tailored to educators incorporating AI into their classrooms

Resources for instruction

Utilize this suite of instructional resources designed to uphold academic and integrity standards

Resources for students

Leverage these resources to bolster student understanding of ethical AI usage and safeguard authentic learning

The Turnitin Educator Network is a space to meet, discuss and share best practices on academic integrity in the age of AI.

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