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The new standard in academic integrity

Keep integrity at the core of all student work.

Upholding academic integrity today requires more

The rapid shift to online learning provides different opportunities for misconduct. While a holistic approach to academic integrity is advocated, it is likely that gaps will emerge. We must be continually updating the toolkit of support and detection measures.

Phill Dawson
Deakin University, AUS
Associate Professor & Associate Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE)

Empower educators with insight and set students up for success

Dashboards help identify risks and conduct cohort analysis

Reports show results within the context of students’ assignments

Clear and actionable data points provided for every submission

Best-in-class plagiarism detection, now with more coverage

Check for similarity against our industry-leading content database

Reveal text manipulations meant to bypass integrity checks

Verify originality of student work in possible contract cheating cases

Guide students to higher-quality academic writing

Students check text similarity and grammar before submitting

Citation assistant finds missing citations and teaches proper citation style

Turnitin Draft Coach checks for similarity while students draft work

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Emerging Trend: AI Writing

AI writing tools like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm, and educators are working hard to understand the challenges these tools may pose to academic integrity and also the opportunities they might present to expand student learning. Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities help educators identify AI writing in student work while safeguarding the interests of students. Learn more >

Emerging Trend: Contract Cheating

When a student engages a third-party to complete an assignment or thesis it's called contract cheating. With up to 16% of students worldwide admitting to the practice and traditional plagiarism checkers incapable of detecting it, contract cheating presents new risks for schools and universities. Learn more >

We are committed to your success

Technical and LMS integrations using the latest LTI standard and a modern RESTful API

Custom onboarding and training to help meet your academic integrity goals

24/7 follow-the-sun technical support in 10 languages

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