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Prashant Bhushan Pandey
Facilitator for Physics, Chemistry & Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay Coordinator, Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, Kenya

Excellence in Academic Integrity Award 2018
Africa and the Middle East, Secondary Education

Prashant Bhushan Pandey is an instructor, as well as the Extended Essay Coordinator, at Aga Khan Academy Mombasa in Kenya. At the academy, along with teaching physics and theory of knowledge, he spearheads the task of spreading awareness about academic honesty both in teachers and students. He strives to send his students off to university with a deep understanding of the value of academic integrity and originality.

“The overall goal is that we become a school where students understand the meaning of being ethically correct when they are going to universities. Our job is to prepare students such that when they go beyond school, they can present work which is free of plagiarism. We want them to be aware of what academic dishonesty is - that’s the ultimate goal.”

Using Turnitin in his classroom, as well as in the institution on a whole, resulted in a decrease in cases of plagiarism and an increase in awareness around the issue of academic honesty itself. Prashant, with the help of Turnitin, is changing the way in which his students think about honesty and academic integrity with dialogue, meaningful guidance, and relevant instruction.

“Now we can definitely say that with increased usage of Turnitin in our classes students are becoming more original in their work. This has led to both teachers, students being more aware and better equipped to deal with academic honesty. The school, along with all stakeholders involved, is continuously devising ways to develop academic integrity in our students and Turnitin is a very important tool for doing this.”

Prashant has worked hard to ensure that his students fully grasp the important connection that exists between education and academic honesty by using Turnitin as a learning tool in the curriculum. He is dedicated to making sure that they get the most out of their education.

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