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The Turnitin Global Innovation Awards recognize students, educators, administrators, and institutions worldwide with a passion for academic integrity. They champion the innovative and effective use of Turnitin to support student learning through curriculum initiatives, conversations, and campus-wide efforts. Our winners and honorable mentions this year reflect a global commitment to academic integrity, both at an institutional level and as they endeavour to support academic writing and research through practical and progressive means. Read their compelling stories below.

Our overall Global Innovator demonstrates a comprehensive dedication to the values of academic integrity and goes above and beyond to actively promote and inspire implementation of Turnitin in their institution and beyond. This Global Innovator nurtures and upholds integrity in our ever-changing education landscape and is a true ambassador for the use of Turnitin.

Congratulations to our Global Innovator!

There is a very big emphasis on ethics within the university... That is where I play a role, not only with Turnitin as a program but to be a champion for integrity and the way that it is grown within the university.

Erica Flinspach Administrator: Turnitin & iThenticate, University of South Africa

Read Erica's story

And this year's Runner-up

Academic integrity is fundamental. Our motto here at the university is 'Learn to learn'... We try to teach the students about academic integrity right from the very beginning.

Maribel Avila Sastre Virtual Academic Platforms Administrator, Universidad del Rosario, Colombia

Read Maribel's story

Meet Our Judging Panel

We’d like to show our appreciation for the following previous Global Innovation Awards winners and honorable mentions who helped to review this year’s candidates. Many thanks to the 2018 judges!

Olatunde Adedayo

Senior Lecturer, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Winner, Writing with Integrity Award 2017

David Harvey

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Coordinator, American International School of Kingston, Jamaica

Winner, Partners in Success Award 2017

Arunima Haldar

Assistant Professor, Finance, SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, India

Winner, Writing with Integrity Award 2017

Giga Khositashvili

Deputy Library Director & Invited Teacher, Center for Academic Writing, Ilia State University, Georgia

Winner, Moving Forward with Integrity Award 2017

Judeth McLeod-James

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education Department, University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago

Winner, Moving Forward with Integrity Award 2017

Linda Ocampo

Literature Professor, Maddox Academy, México

Winner, Writing with Integrity Award 2017

Paul Venzo

Lecturer, School of Communications & Creative Arts, Deakin University, Australia

Winner, Partners in Success Award 2017

Des Waters

Head of Biology & Director of E-Learning, Palmerston North Boys’ High School, New Zealand

Winner, Academic Integrity Award 2016

Amy Williams

Supervisor, Assessment Security and Authenticity, Western Governors University, US

Winner, Partners in Success Award 2017

Nicole Winget

Director, Fort Bragg & Pope Campuses, Adjunct Instructor of Homeland Security & Criminal Justice, Mock Trial Coach/Adviser, Campbell University, US

Winner, Moving Forward with Integrity Award 2017

Jelena Zivkovic

Director, Enrollment Management, American University of Nigeria

Honorable Mention, Academic Integrity Award 2016