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Marco Sepulveda Medina
Head of the Information Office, Chamber of Deputies, Chile

Excellence in Academic Integrity Award 2018
Latin America and the Caribbean, Other

Marco Sepulveda Medina has a unique perspective on the value of integrity as it applies to areas outside of academia. Working in the parliament as the Head of the Information Office in the Chamber of Deputies in Chile, requires thorough and flawless work, and Marco’s implementation of iThenticate is what drove this message home for his employees.

“It’s important that the reports be perfect. If you get information from somewhere else, you have to say so. People understand that now and are more careful with the reports. The committees, as well, thanks to [Turnitin].”

Accountability is a major key to success in Marco’s field, and iThenticate serves as a way to ensure that every employee is putting forth their best work. Being in the public eye creates additional pressure for Marco, as the work that they produce is scrutinized by a larger audience and requires them to serve as a model of excellence.

“...It’s of extreme importance that deputies, senators and parliament employees act with integrity and ethically. They have to account for everything: their decisions and the use of the resources, whether they are legislating, dictating or working on behalf of someone else. They have to set an example.”

Marco has been able to successfully implement iThenticate as a tool to improve the quality of his employees’ work as well as a way to emphasize the importance of integrity. Turnitin has provided him with a tool that meets the varying needs of his employees and has produced positive results across the Chamber of Deputies of Chile.

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