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Why does exam security really matter

Exam Security with ExamSoft

Why does exam security really matter?

The answer for ExamSoft users is in the data. Reducing academic dishonesty means better, more accurate assessment data. And this means a more accurate measurement of exam-taker knowledge, understanding, and application of course material — providing clarity by question, by subject, by student, and by cohort… both in the moment and over time. It’s more than just knowing what the student knows, it’s seeing how it all fits and where to take action to improve learning outcomes.

Exam security also means protection for intellectual property and valuable exam content.

ExamSoft helps combat academic dishonesty with an assessment tool that delivers exams in a locked down, offline environment. Here’s how secure testing with ExamSoft works.

Faculty, staff, or exam admins create assessments through an online portal that gives them security options such as randomized questions, distractor randomization, time limits, blocked backward navigation – and even remote proctoring.

Once exam creation is complete, exam-takers are alerted that a test is available for download. They then download an encrypted exam file onto their devices. On exam day, the exam administrator releases a password that allows students to access the test. When the exam-takers open the file, their devices are locked down — meaning all unauthorized applications – including the internet – are blocked and nothing else on their devices can be accessed while the exam file is open. When testing is complete, students reconnect to WiFi and the encrypted answer file is uploaded back to the instructor. The exam is then scored, and grades and feedback can be delivered to students at the instructor’s discretion.

From start to finish, ExamSoft helps educators prevent, detect and even deter academic dishonesty with a secure testing environment, giving instructors more accurate assessment data to help improve learning outcomes for all.

More than two thousand programs around the world trust ExamSoft to securely deliver their assessments.

Eliminate exam security concerns and improve learning outcomes for your students through secure, offline testing with ExamSoft.