Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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Secure assessment in the age of AI

For educational institutions navigating Artificial Intelligence (AI) complexities, which threaten the integrity of student evaluations, ExamSoft is here.

Engineered to accurately gauge student knowledge and comprehension, our solution addresses these AI challenges by offering a robust platform that provides a unambiguous measure of student knowledge and understanding.

Leading with confidence: ExamSoft’s approach

With a legacy of 25 years in safeguarding assessment integrity, ExamSoft is crucial in an educational environment disrupted by AI. Our approach goes beyond preventing AI-driven cheating; we leverage technology to preserve the essence of educational evaluation.

Trust in ExamSoft for conducting assessments that are not just secure, but also rich in insights, offering a clear evaluation of student learning and program success.

Discover more in our eBook, “Secure assessment in an age of AI disruption.”

Proven impact, trusted integrity

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