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Turnitin and Wolters Kluwer reaffirm their partnership in support of the nursing community

Both organizations share their commitment to creating a seamless experience for nursing programs who select ExamSoft as their solution of choice.

Emily Lupash
Emily Lupash
VP, Nursing Education and NCLEX®
Wolters Kluwer
Todd Baker
Todd Baker
VP, Alliances

A workforce analysis of nursing, published in Health Affairs (Dr. David Auerbach, April 2022), reported a decrease of more than 100,0000 nurses from 2020-2021. The report raised additional concerns, noting that hospital-based nurses and those under the age of 35 represent some of the largest groups considering an exit from the profession at that time.

Broadly, the nursing shortage makes it increasingly difficult to provide and access quality healthcare. Specifically, it highlights steep growth in the explicit need for new nurses, and an expected increase in the number of nursing candidates needing to take assessments. When the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) released the Next Generation National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®) in April 2023, it changed how examinees prepared for an assessment that was focused on assessing clinical judgment.

To help meet this need, Turnitin and Wolters Kluwer are reaffirming their shared commitment to support the nursing community and to help ensure there are tools to prepare nurses for NCLEX® success, today and in the future. Earlier in 2023, Wolters Kluwer announced the acquisition of NurseTim, developer of NurseThink® and a longtime partner of ExamSoft, who joined Turnitin in 2020.

As leading experts in nursing education, NurseThink® created Clinical Judgment Exams – Retention & Readiness to provide pre-written, high-quality assessments for nursing programs nationwide. Nursing programs leveraging ExamSoft will continue to access all of the benefits they have come to know and expect from this powerful learning solution, including:

  • Saving faculty time with expert-written exam content mirroring the Next Gen NCLEX®.

  • Measuring NCLEX® readiness with nationally benchmarked assessments.

  • Identifying and remediating learning gaps with categorized reporting (NCLEX®, Clinical Judgment, QSEN, Nursing Process, Concept, System, Exemplar-Disease).

  • Enjoying strong support through the Turnitin and Wolters Kluwer partnership.

The industry is still in recovery from the impact of the pandemic, along with other reported factors including pay, resourcing, work-life balance, and the need for additional support. Despite these well-documented and discussed shifts and changes happening across the industry, the need for high-quality healthcare and resources, provided and supported by qualified nursing professionals and programs, remains constant and pressing.

Turnitin and Wolters Kluwer are committed to creating a seamless experience for nursing programs selecting ExamSoft as their solution of choice. Together, the companies will work to anticipate and address the evolving needs of the nursing community.