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Turnitin and ExamSoft: Assessing with Integrity at Every Stage of the Education Journey

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During this unprecedented time, more and more aspects of our daily life are transitioning online. The education space has felt this change acutely as schools, educators, and students find themselves grappling with a school year that, for many people, will be experienced at least partially online.

In the midst of this change, schools at all levels--from elementary classrooms to professional licensure programs--must determine how to translate high-quality face-to-face instruction and assessment to an online environment.

As we support our institutional partners this school year, this challenge is at the forefront of our minds. To better help our customers overcome this challenge, we are pleased to announce that we have acquired ExamSoft, a scalable assessment platform that helps institutions and certification and licensure programs protect exam integrity and streamline the process of assessment.

But what does this mean for you? While Turnitin will continue to offer the services you’ve come to expect and trust, you can also look forward to:

  • More Choices for Ensuring Integrity: ExamSoft brings to Turnitin expanded high-stakes assessment capabilities for professional certification and licensure programs. We recognize that the tools customers need to ensure integrity depend on the types of assessments that are being delivered, and we are pleased to offer them even more flexibility and choices.
  • Safeguards at Every Stage: In coming together, Turnitin and ExamSoft become a single destination for upholding integrity throughout a student’s entire educational journey, from book reports and problem sets to doctoral theses and professional licensure.
  • Growing Team: We are thrilled for the ExamSoft leadership team and staff to join the Turnitin family. ExamSoft CEO Sebastian Vos will continue to manage the ExamSoft business and ensure the delivery of secure assessments with integrity. Customers will benefit from even more resources dedicated to your success as well as accelerated product development and innovation.

Together we will support even more individuals in achieving educational and professional success with integrity. You can learn more about ExamSoft and this partnership here.