Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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Turnitin Solutions for Business Partners

Turnitin helps partners drive success by addressing a wide range of customer workflows in academic and business contexts.

Valerie Schreiner
Valerie Schreiner
Chief Product Officer

Turnitin may be known for "plagiarism checking" but our solutions do so much more than help check if a student copied a history report from the internet. We’re expanding the scope of our innovative technology to help you — our current and future partners — drive success by addressing a wider range of customer workflows in academic and business contexts.

Turnitin partners with:

  • Academic assessment providers to check for assessment integrity
  • Academic journals to help ensure original content
  • Organizations that want to simplify, speed up, and provide actionable insights into the grading process of STEM and other exams at the college and high school level
  • Organizations that want to check programming assignments for similarities
  • Organizations that want to simplify academic computer code submission and instructor validation of code

Perhaps we can be business partners?

Where Turnitin Started — And Where We’re Going

Started in 1998 as a peer review solution, Turnitin first introduced plagiarism detection services and solutions in 2000. We provided solutions that helped educators and academic institutions discover unoriginal work and teach students academic integrity, and we still do!

Partnerships with organizations such as Crossref, integrations with learning management systems (LMSes) and online collaboration tools, and our acquisitions of VeriCite and Gradescope have evolved how we support you and your customers. We’ve leveraged cutting-edge technology such as machine learning to streamline grading workflows, while still leaving the art of assigning grades and providing feedback to humans.

We’re expanding our flagship similarity checking features to check computer coding assignments and simplify how code is submitted and checked by instructors. You can see our commitment to partners in our updated and growing modern RESTful APIs. Turnitin is actively building out our platform for integrity, which will be integral to our partners’ success — from code similarity checks to machine learning technology and more.

The Turnitin Similarity Report

Consider the Turnitin Similarity Report, one of the most extensive, accurate, and robust solutions in this space. It’s where our industry-leading technology platform most frequently touches end-users. It opens doors for you to do so much more than its name implies.

The Similarity Report can be presented via our Cloud Viewer, which gives access to a world-class document rendering service with built-in plagiarism checking. It can help your customers proactively identify unoriginal content that could hurt them financially and legally.

The Similarity Report can also simplify academic and business workflows, providing you with the ability to focus on the unique challenges in your sector. You can leverage Turnitin solutions for your work with Learning Management Systems and publishers, ISVs and OEMs, technical academic institutions, businesses, and resellers. And no, we aren’t leaving educators and our educational alliances behind!

Some Of Our Valued Partners

Some of our biggest partners include Instructure (Canvas), D2L, Blackboard, Cengage, ManageBac and many more. For example, Wikipedia uses our solutions, relying on Turnitin iThenticate to help evaluate the originality of article edits.

Turnitin solutions aren’t exclusive to academic institutions and can actually be used in a number of different fields. Imagine helping a content marketing firm to improve the quality of the content they produce or helping a technology firm establish a precedent of integrity in coding in their internal training efforts.

Growth Through Integrity

Partnering with Turnitin provides you with tremendous credibility. In 2016, we were one of the first 33 tech companies to sign the Tech Inclusion Pledge, promoting diversity, inclusion, transparency, and sustainability through our work with our partners. That forward-thinking spirit is a part of our DNA. Turnitin continues to grow – and fast!

We’re so much more than the Turnitin of yesteryear. That’s good news for our partners, new and old. Partner with us and join us in a new horizon of growth and evolution benefitting your team and your customers.

Are you ready to join us?