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Turnitin Partners Program Part 2: Building the Moat and Filling the Gaps

How partnering with Turnitin can benefit your organization and improve how you address your customers' challenges

Valerie Schreiner
Valerie Schreiner
Chief Product Officer






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Turnitin partners with many categories of organizations. They range from referral sales of our “off the shelf” products to LTI integrations to embedding Turnitin facilities as components within the user experience of your broader vertical solution.

Here are a few ways the Turnitin Partner program benefits you— ISVs and other partners—as you use your market expertise to better address your customers’ challenges. And build defensive moats!

Academic and business LMS systems have different “assignment submission” needs. Student submissions to address unoriginal contents may differ greatly between academic and corporate LMSes. Use the Turnitin Core API and facilities to focus on the custom workflows you need to deliver specialized solutions to your customers. Match your customer’s need precisely, and in their context—and do it all better than the competition.

Support differentiated end-user and application workflows across verticals. By “workflow” we mean the way in which your customers access and navigate through your application based on the needs of your market and their user personas. You have knowledge of and control over workflow in the applications you deliver and your customers pay for the user experience that matches their needs.

Single vendor touchpoint. For industry-leading plagiarism detection, efficient grading features, and capabilities that support meaningful instructor feedback, look no further than Turnitin. Turnitin has a growing number of products and platform services that support the mission of teaching integrity and improving writing. Patching together less powerful solutions from multiple vendors causes headaches associated with multiple integration points and types. Instead, simplify your development, improve UX, decrease technical support, and speed adoption of your custom solution by partnering with Turnitin.

Next steps

There are many other advantages to the Turnitin Partner Program as it evolves into a broader partner ecosystem. Please contact a Turnitin business development manager for more information.