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Top 10 Turnitin Bookmarks for Back-to-School

Our favorite Turnitin links for resources and support that will make your school year a success

When crafting the bookmarks bar on your computer, here are the top 10 Turnitin links we recommend adding to make your semester smooth and successful.

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell

As back-to-school gets underway, we know that teachers and administrators are working overtime to prepare their classrooms and curriculum for the upcoming year. When crafting the bookmarks bar on your computer, here are the top ten Turnitin links we recommend adding to make your semester smooth and successful.

  • Turnitin Support is available to assist students and educators with usage questions, general troubleshooting, and overall implementation so that they can do their best work. With options to directly visit our Help, Integrations, or System Status pages, this bookmark is a go-to for any educator that utilizes Turnitin tools in the classroom.
  • What’s Your AIQ? Quiz and Turnitin’s Paraphrasing Resources are perfect for Back-to-School! These resources emphasize the value of proper citation and paraphrasing in research and academic writing. Teachers can cover the basics in a clear and concise way, with the help of an online quiz, downloadable handouts, rubrics, and posters for the classroom.
  • The Turnitin Educator Network (TEN) is a superb way to connect with other educators and Turnitin advocates. It offers education event dates and details, Turnitin announcements, maintenance updates and more. Plus, members of the network have the chance to engage in conversations with individuals from other schools across the country and around the world, fostering a dialogue about education today that is truly global.
  • The Resources Page is your first stop for writing and academic integrity resources, from lesson plans and helpful videos to tutorials and relevant blog posts. With separate sections for students, educators, and administrators, viewers can find exactly what they need and explore the diverse library that Turnitin has to offer. The content on this page is updated regularly, so new, fresh resources are surfaced every few weeks. Be sure to check out:
    • Feedback Loop Handout: A helpful, downloadable PDF that students and educators can use as a guide for what makes feedback important and effective.
    • Rubrics: These downloadable rubrics were developed by our Curriculum Team and are both standards-aligned and grade-specific.
    • Prompt Sequences for Revision Assistant: This resource is a phenomenal 9-week writing scope-and-sequence for grades 6 - 12, coupling the power of RA prompts with meaningful feedback and engaging classroom activities.
  • The Written Word Podcast invites listeners to participate in meaningful conversations with educators, policy-makers, and teachers from around the world. It covers topics relevant to the classroom, offering students and instructors best practices on how to write and learn with integrity.
  • The Plagiarism Quiz is an essential resource for educators as they start the conversation about plagiarism in the classroom. This online quiz covers the most important facets of plagiarism, helping to guide discussions around the importance of creating original work.
  • The Turnitin Vimeo Channel and Youtube Channel provide video resources for schools and institutions, including a selection of close-captioned Turnitin webcasts, webinars in Spanish or English, as well as Feedback Studio and Revision Assistant How-Tos for students and teachers alike.
  • The Turnitin Blog features entertaining and compelling stories by students, educators, thought-leaders and Turnitin experts from around the world. Everything from top ten lists (like this one!) to discussions on what’s happening in education today, can be found on the blog weekly.
  • Exemplar Essays for Revision Assistant: Whether it’s a student’s first time writing in a specific genre or the final paper assigned at the end of the term, these exemplar essays are ideal for instruction, taking abstract descriptions of rubric traits and making them more concrete for student understanding.
  • features an array of resources that speak to academic integrity, from current research and news articles to tips on teaching about plagiarism in the classroom. Jonathan Bailey, a foremost expert on plagiarism, consults and writes for, bringing a wealth of knowledge to this broad and important topic.

Download the PDF below of all ten bookmarks for your classroom; the digital PDF hyperlinks to each resource. Happy planning!