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How well do you know plagiarism?

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  • A few background questions:

    What is your current level of education?

  • How would you rate your current level of understanding of plagiarism ?

  • Have you ever received a Turnitin Similarity Report?

  • Have you ever had an instructor discuss plagiarism and proper citation in class?

  • OK, let's get to it!

    What best describes the rightness or wrongness of plagiarism?

  • Which of the following is not an example of plagiarism?

  • It is acceptable to copy-and-paste a sentence written by someone else into your paper and simply add quotation marks around it.

  • If you forget to cite a source in your paper, that is still plagiarism.

  • Plagiarism is a major concern only in education.

  • Even though no one may be harmed by it, plagiarism is still unethical.

  • Which of the following requires proper citation?

  • Which of the following requires proper citation?

  • To paraphrase properly, you need to:

  • Say you found two papers about the same research: Paper A is the original finding; Paper B is an analysis that references Paper A. You use a section of the analysis from Paper B. Which paper do you cite?

  • Which of the following is NOT a true purpose for citation?

  • For a class assignment that students are to complete individually, Student A and Student B decide to collaborate. Student A compiles research notes while Student B identifies the main findings. Both write their own original research papers, and neither cite the other's work. Is this:

  • Which of the following are realistic consequences of plagiarism?

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