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Introducing Gradescope

Gradescope is the transformative paper-to-digital marking platform that revolutionises the way you approach marking and assessment.

Discover the power of Gradescope

With Gradescope, you can unlock the power of scalable reporting, harness the potential of data collection, and seamlessly integrate our platform with other crucial institutional systems, such as Learning Management Systems (LMSs). This seamless integration ensures that your institution's investment is maximised, and central support becomes a cornerstone of your marking workflows.

The core of Gradescope's mission is elevating both educators and students. With our pioneering marking platform, educators become more impactful, delivering faster, clearer, and more consistent feedback. Anonymous marking reduces unintended bias, fostering an environment of equitable evaluation. Customised accommodations ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel, driving a level playing field.

Unveiling benefits at every turn

With Gradescope’s marking platform, educators and administrators can:

Understand learning outcomes better.

By utilising "show your work" assessments, educators gain swift insights into learning outcomes, aligning seamlessly with accreditation standards and institutional objectives.

Enhance data security.

Embrace electronic returns that protect sensitive data, ensuring a secure environment for both students and educators.

Streamline system integration.

Sync rosters and grades effortlessly between Gradescope and your Learning Management System (LMS), ensuring a seamless experience for educators and students alike.

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