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ExamSoft by Turnitin

Transform legal education

Our comprehensive assessment solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of law schools, ensuring a seamless path to success.

Empower tomorrow's lawyers

Prepare your students for the future by using ExamSoft, trusted by the Victoria Bar and Supreme Court of the Philippines to deliver the bar exam. Starting at the law school level with ExamSoft ensures that students are well-prepared for the rigors of the bar exam, setting them up confidently from day one.

This all-encompassing platform streamlines processes, enabling administrators to effortlessly generate reports that assess accreditation standards and prioritize areas of improvement across the institution. By harnessing assessment data, law school faculties are equipped to steer programs and students toward unparalleled success.

Why choose us?

Our complete assessment solution means law educators can see the full picture on student progress, knowledge, and success.

Track student performance with precision.

Tag exam questions to monitor student progress over time and break down results by learning objectives, accreditation standards, and other critical categories.

Acquire powerful exam data

Craft student-focused performance reports at the administrator or educator level, with granular analysis to pinpoint areas in need of support and remediation across your institution.

Demonstrate accreditation excellence.

Provide irrefutable evidence of compliance with all accreditation standards.

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