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ExamSoft by Turnitin

Introducing ExamSoft for nursing

Elevate your nursing program's assessment and competency evaluation with our tailored support.

Unlocking excellence in nursing education

Nursing programs can now effortlessly create exams, manage data, and analyze student performance, all in one place. Our holistic approach offers a comprehensive view of how students are progressing, allowing educators to make informed decisions that shape their educational journey.

With ExamSoft, nursing education programs gain access to a range of assessment types and can ensure students are practice ready with:

  • Support for question types and +/- partial scoring methods tailored to the Next Generation NCLEX.
  • Curriculum enhanced with NurseThink® Clinical Judgment Exams content, pre-developed and ready to integrate.

Empower student success

Gain access to organized assessment data that guides learning outcomes, enhances student retention and readiness for professional practice.

With ExamSoft, nursing education programs can:

Create in-depth Strengths & Opportunities Reports that provide instructors and students with timely, personalized, data-driven feedback.
Identify specific areas that need extra attention, ensuring an effective curriculum and outstanding student outcomes.
Provide concrete evidence of your program's success, easily meeting accreditation requirements and showcasing the quality of education you offer.

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