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ExamSoft by Turnitin

Empowering medical education

Welcome to ExamSoft, your comprehensive assessment partner for schools of medicine and health.

The ExamSoft difference

ExamSoft offers an all-encompassing solution designed to equip healthcare educators with essential tools. Measure student competency, align with accreditation standards, and enhance program outcomes seamlessly.

When it comes to medical education, precision and innovation are paramount. ExamSoft brings you a suite of benefits that redefine how you approach assessment, ensuring your students thrive in their medical careers.

Benefits that redefine medical assessment

Seamless preparation for medical exams.

With ExamSoft, students gain the confidence and familiarity they need to excel, leading to improved passage rates and setting them up for a thriving medical career.

Effortless OSCE assessment.

Efficiently evaluate students within the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) environment using our rubric-based assessment features.

Demonstrable accreditation compliance.

ExamSoft helps you demonstrate compliance with accreditation criteria outlined by respected bodies such as the xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx.

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