Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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ExamSoft by Turnitin

Secure assessment in the age of AI

For educational institutions navigating the new world of AI and its risk on the integrity of student evaluation, ExamSoft is here.

Engineered to accurately gauge student knowledge and comprehension while ensuring robust security and precision, ExamSoft is the premier solution for exam security. Experience a new standard in high-stakes assessment.

Our core convictions

ExamSoft is more than just online assessment software. From defending against the risks posed by AI to guaranteeing the authenticity of student performance, ExamSoft provides the tools institutions need to elevate educational standards—both in-class and remotely.

Our online test software empowers faculty and administrators to fine-tune student and program performance through accurate data tracking. With secure exam software that doesn’t depend on an internet connection, ExamSoft addresses the risk of generative AI use in exams. Our platform mitigates student shortcuts with automatic encryption and item randomization, ensuring robust security measures.

We are proud to serve over 2,300 distinguished academic, certification, and licensing programs, including six out of the seven Ivy League medical schools. Having successfully administered over 107 million exams, ExamSoft cements its role as a leader in computer based exam software for high-stakes assessment.

The benefits of ExamSoft

Conduct assessments that are not only secure, but also rich in insights, offering a clear evaluation of student learning and program success.

With ExamSoft’s secure, all-in-one assessment software, you can:

Protect professional standards in education by ensuring that students in health care, law, and other high-stakes professions are practice-ready.
Be confident that student data is accurate with our 100% offline capability that ensures assessments are conducted in a controlled environment free from the interference of ChatGPT and other AI tools.
Gain access to reliable data for advancing educational programs, securing accreditation, and boosting both student and program success.

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