Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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The power of digital. The peace of paper.

Only Turnitin lets you scan and grade your paper-based assignments and assessments, bridging the gap between paper assignments and scalable digital workflows.

Save time with automatic answer grouping, inspire student success with more impactful feedback, and improve teaching with clear insights into their learning.

Turn over a new leaf with Paper to Digital.

For world-class educational institutions, efficiency is key. Our paper-based workflows offer complete peace of mind by uniting the instructional flexibility of paper with the speed and precision of digital grading.

Easily create tailored assessments that students can complete with a pen or pencil, then simply collect, scan, and process. It’s fast, flexible and fair, providing the feedback your students need and the insights into their learning growth you want.

Stay old school with new tools.

Where paper assignments make the grade.

Turnitin has 25 years of experience helping instructors grade more efficiently and effectively and Turnitin’s paper-based workflows have been evolving for 10+ years now.

The rapid emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has educators around the world reconsidering the power of paper. Paper to Digital leverages a distinct type of artificial intelligence from the Turnitin AI Team to automatically group together similar answers in multi-item instructional instruments for higher quality, more consistent feedback.

Will adopting Paper to Digital disrupt our current teaching methods?

For the many educational institutions that actively use paper in instruction, but find it difficult to manage once it’s turned in, Paper to Digital complements their existing teaching methods providing a seamless workflow that enhances rather than disrupts.

For educational institutions that have fully digitized in recent decades, Paper to Digital can help you rediscover the benefits of paper, reintegrate it into your toolset, and expand your opportunities to inspire student success.

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