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Turnitin’s new AI writing statistics data helps administrators better understand scale of institutions’ aggregated AI writing

Namrata Nanda






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Turnitin is excited to add further value to our AI writing detection technology with the unveiling of AI writing statistics, our new feature designed to help administrators understand the extent to which AI-generated content may be used in submissions across their institution. Account administrators can view aggregated AI scores for their institution beyond an individual paper level.

How prevalent is AI writing tool usage among students?

Can I view my institution’s aggregate AI writing scores to help map AI writing usage to our AI writing and integrity policy?

These questions are top-of-mind for administrators trying to evaluate their institution’s engagement with generative AI and Turnitin’s new AI writing statistics feature gives a data point to help with that. Best of all, the feature is already available to Turnitin customers accessing its AI writing detection feature by licensing Turnitin Originality, with Turnitin Feedback Studio and Turnitin Similarity; and iThenticate 2.0 with AI writing detection capabilities.

What are the benefits of AI writing statistics to administrators?

Administrators can view and report on aggregated AI scores for their institution as part of the existing Turnitin workflow, enabling them to gain transparency at a higher level to the scores being generated across their institution. The data will further assist in quantifying the value AI writing detection brings and support administrators in making informed decisions regarding ongoing use of Turnitin’s AI writing detection capability.

With the new aggregated AI writing statistics:

  • Administrators can view their institution’s aggregated AI scores across all submissions.
  • Submissions are broken down by AI score “bands” (see screenshot below).
  • Administrators can customize the report by time period.
  • Data is refreshed every 24 hours, providing an up-to-date report of AI writing use.

Underpinning this feature is the understanding that AI writing detection serves as one of the tools to help understand how AI-generated text is presenting and shaping students’ written work. The data can help inform decision-making among administrators and enrich educator-level interventions.

How can AI writing statistics help administrators?

Prior to the feature’s release, Turnitin’s AI writing detection scores and related data were limited to individual papers at the instructor level, with no aggregate reporting available to administrators to determine the amount of AI-generated written content submitted within their institution.

According to customer feedback, Turnitin learned administrators wanted to evaluate the extent of the challenge posed by AI writing tools across their ecosystem. This new feature helps empower administrators in their decision-making process, upholding AI writing policy and its investment in AI writing detection technology. If you’re an administrator responsible for monitoring AI writing engagement, the ability to go straight to your Turnitin dashboard and gain an overview of usage across the institution can be vital.

How do I access Turnitin’s new AI writing statistics feature?

No matter your institution’s setup, accessing AI writing statistics is simple and built into your existing Turnitin administrator workflow.

  • Turnitin Feedback Studio and Originality Check administrators that license Turnitin Originality, and have the AI writing detection feature enabled on their accounts, can access the data from their statistics tab in the administrator accounts page. Visibility of this data is limited to the parent account for administrators at this time.

  • Turnitin Similarity administrators licensing Turnitin Originality, and have AI writing detection enabled on their accounts, can access the feature from the statistics page in the administrator side-panel.

  • Similarly, iThenticate 2.0 administrators with the AI writing detection add-on feature purchased and enabled on their accounts can see the statistics data from the administrator side-panel.

What’s next for AI writing statistics?

There is still much for institutions and education partners to learn as generative AI evolves and is integrated into educational institutions’ policies and pedagogy. Turnitin is committed to helping institutions navigate AI writing with confidence and this new feature is just one more way we’re providing an even deeper understanding of AI writing across institutions.

Educator and administrator feedback is critical to achieving this, so we’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you’d like to see in future iterations of the AI writing statistics feature by using the feedback button within the product.

And as always, we firmly believe that Turnitin’s AI writing detection tool is not meant to replace the educator’s professional discretion; it is meant to supply additional insights which—along with their understanding of their students, their work, and institutional policy—will enable them to make an informed decision. Reports such as ours provide data points and resources to support a process of working with students, not determinations of misconduct.

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