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Writing to Learn: Simple Strategies to Boost STEM Thinking

This webinar dives into the research and provides practical tips and resources on how best to incorporate writing into STEM classrooms.

A long-debated topic in schools is who is responsible for teaching writing to students. Invariably, that task primarily falls on the shoulders of English teachers, but as the practice of teaching and learning changes over time, more of that responsibility is creeping into other content areas. While there are shared values of written composition, writing in the STEM classroom is different than writing in the English classroom. Why, then, do we often assume that students inherently know how to transfer and apply the instruction from their English classes? In order to address the scientific and technical skills associated with writing in the STEM, science and other STEM teachers must teach writing in the context of their subject matter as well.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the importance of teaching writing in the STEM classroom and speak with Dr. Richard Warren, Maryland State Teacher of the Year, about how incorporating writing instruction and assessment has helped to fuel learning and increase student success.


Dr. Richard Warren, Jr.
Maryland State Teacher of the Year
Teacher at Crisfield High School and Academy, Science and STEM, Grade 8, Crisfield, MD
Dr. Warren is passionate about helping students stretch their potential in unimaginable ways, leading them to the finals in the nationwide Samsung STEM contest. He is an expert in teacher retention and is writing a book about teacher mentoring set to release winter 2019. He holds a B.S in science, M.A in teaching and Ed.D in educational leadership from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Katie Wike
Senior Instructional Innovations Specialist
Katie came to Turnitin straight from the classroom. She taught English Language Arts to 7th and 10th graders for eight years and personally encountered the challenges of effectively teaching middle and high school students how to write. Although leaving the classroom was a difficult decision, she ultimately came to Turnitin because she was interested in providing a solution to the challenge of writing instruction on a larger scale.

Hosted by Betty Ho, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Turnitin

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