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Navigating academic integrity in the age of breakthrough technologies

THE x Turnitin Webinar Series 1

This webinar was part of a webinar series held in partnership between Times Higher Education and Turnitin, May 2024.
Patti West-Smith
Patti West-Smith
Senior director of customer engagement Turnitin
Tricia Bertram Gallant
Director of the academic integrity office University of California San Diego
Leslie Layne
Coordinator of college writing University of Lynchburg
Mary Davis
Principal lecturer,·Oxford Brookes Business School
Viatcheslav Dmitriev
Associate dean for faculty relations·Rennes School of Business

This webinar will feature experts from the higher education and technology sectors to discuss strategies for striking a balance between harnessing the potential of AI and preserving academic standards.The webinar will explore how we can collectively address the dynamic changes in higher education to promote academic integrity and overall learning outcomes.

Featured topics

● Ensuring the responsible use of AI-powered tools while safeguarding academic standards and integrity

● Promoting academia-industry collaboration to maximize the benefits of AI in education

● How institutions can support educators in adapting to the integration of AI technologies in teaching practices

● The role of regulatory frameworks in overseeing the use of AI in education

● Establishing ethical guidelines to prevent unethical practices and misuse of AI in education

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