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Grammar Grading Made Easier: How to Make the Most of ETS e-Rater® Inside of Turnitin

Learn how to get the most out of ETS e-Rater® in Turnitin Feedback Studio

When you have a stack of student work to evaluate and your goal is to invest your energy into supporting the development substance and style, having to spend excessive time identifying and addressing grammar and mechanics issues can be costly. Fortunately for you, your Turnitin Feedback Studio service incorporates e-Rater® technology from ETS to make that part of your work easier.

In this session, we discuss:

  • How to configure e-Rater® automatic grammar checking to your specific needs for a given Feedback Studio assignment
  • How to navigate the e-Rater® writer's handbook for in-depth exploration of identified issues
  • How to add personal comments for your students to the automated feedback from e-Rater®
  • How you can use e-Rater® with your students in a formative fashion prior to the final submission of the assignment