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Teresa Johnson 2

Teresa Johnson

Teresa Johnson is the course lead for Access to Higher Education Pathways at New College Swindon, a general further education vocational college in Swindon, England. With a diverse student body including English Language Learners and students with educational gaps, Teresa and her team are interested in creating coursework that honours the varied views, opinions, and writing styles reflected in their classrooms. Turnitin allows Teresa and her colleagues to support individual learners while ensuring that all students are producing original work supported with evidence from objective, credible sources. Teresa recognizes that her students see their time at New College Swindon as a jumping off point for either entering the workforce or university. In order to equip students for this next step, courses must be academically rigorous. Turnitin’s tools aid in establishing that rigor by helping students truly comprehend what they are writing about.

Teresa Johnson
Programme Lead / Lecturer Access HE
New College Swindon