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Rachna Nath
Stem Co-Ordinator & Science Teacher, Arizona College Prep, Erie Campus, US

Global Innovator Award 2019
North America, Secondary Education

From hypotheses to conclusions, Rachna Nath’s students at Arizona College Prep Erie know two things for certain: that failure is an essential part of the learning process and that only original work will be accepted in Rachna’s science courses. “I stretch [my students], but I don’t break them,” she says. “I show them what failure is because if [they] do not know what failure is, there’s no way they’re going to succeed.”

Beginning in 9th grade, Rachna utilizes PeerMark as an integral part of the revision process, anonymizing the assignments and instructing students on how to effectively grade and give feedback to their peers. Because Rachna’s classes are project-based and research-heavy, Turnitin also plays a central role in ensuring originality when Rachna teaches grant-writing and the patent process to her students:

“Whatever you’re doing, whether you are revoking a hypothesis or you are accepting a hypothesis, it has to be something that is true, and that what where Turnitin comes in, in a big way.”

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