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Irene Glendinning
Academic Manager for Student Experience, Coventry University

Irene Glendinning BSc, PhD, FBCS, CITP, CEng. is an associate professor based in the Office of Teaching and Learning at Coventry University, serving as the institutional lead on academic integrity. She has been a teacher, lecturer, manager and researcher, working in secondary, adult, further and higher education, covering a period of over 40 years. Since 2010 she has mainly focused on research into strategies for academic integrity, particularly concerning the design of workable institutional policies that deter misconduct in education and research and encourage a culture of scholarly learning. She continues to be engaged in research and international working groups focusing on improving academic integrity and fighting corruption. As a member of QAA’s Academic Integrity Advisory Group, she regularly contributes to national guidance in the UK and related events on this subject. Irene is part of the organising committee for the annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating, founded in 2016, which this year was on 20 th October.