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Ann Rogerson
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business, University of Wollongong, Australia

Ann sits on the committee for academic integrity at her University and is recognized on campus as a Turnitin subject matter expert. She believes passionately in teaching and developing critical thinking and writing skills, and as a teacher of organizational behaviour and leadership, Ann deeply understands the importance of integrity and feedback in the “real” world. To meet these ends, she sees Turnitin as a useful teaching tool. 

She gives a presentation to every class about the impact of plagiarism on personal integrity, best and worst academic practices, and the importance of learning how to write and use Turnitin to improve. In addition, she has written a research paper called “Being Academic Integrity Aware”, which she has been asked to present at a forum for the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency in November. Ann regularly presents on topics ranging from ethics and integrity to contract cheating all over the world at various academic conferences and sits on the committee for the Asia Pacific Forum for Educational Integrity. A true innovator in the academic community, Ann is helping the University move away from thinking about plagiarism as something to “catch” and towards open discussions about academic integrity. 

As Ann points out, “You need to talk about academic integrity. It’s not something to be hidden...It’s also about teaching people about judgement skills and the impact of cheating on their personal integrity.”

Ann was a Turnitin Global Award Winner in 2016