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What you can do with ProctorExam

Maintain candidate privacy

ProctorExam keeps data collection to a minimum. We drive our industry under strict European privacy regulations and operate in close collaboration with academic and professional institutions. GDPR or CCPA considerate? Our team will support you with your privacy compliance process.

Choice of supervision

Up to three simultaneous feeds, including dual-view security, to supervise your test takers. Choose to monitor in real-time, or review after the session for greater flexibility. Wish to have more control over the examination process? Simply brief our experienced team or even bring your own proctors.

Available when needed

Our platform is available at all times. Candidates can reach our support anytime, allowing them to take their test under the best of circumstances and focus on what matters most: succeeding in their evaluation.

Features Overview

ProctorExam helps administrators to leverage technology to deliver authentic exams by creating and managing remote assessments easily.

Dual-view proctoring

With up to three monitoring options, ranging from screen-sharing to a 360° view of the candidates' workspace using their smartphones, ProctorExam provides test organizers with a convenient online platform, adaptable to various assessment contexts: high stake exams, professional certification, or recruitment processes.

Get started within minutes or build your own experience

ProctorExam is a fully web-based remote proctoring solution, designed to run as a stand-alone experience or embedded within an existing assessment environment. Compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems, candidates can take their remote tests using their own equipment, with minimum prerequisites.

Learn how to begin with online proctoring

In the webinar recording, you’ll learn five reasons to begin with online proctoring. In addition, we’ll show you some best practices and how ProctorExam can support you.

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