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AI Writing Detection Capabilities - Frequently Asked Questions

How do Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities work?

1. Does Turnitin offer a solution to detect AI writing?

2. How does it work?

3. What parameters or flags does Turnitin’s model take into account when detecting AI writing?

4. How was Turnitin’s model trained?

5. Can I check past submitted assignments for AI writing?

6. What languages are supported?

7. What will happen if a non-English paper is submitted?

8. Can my institution get access to AI detection to be able to trial this new capability?

9. Can I or my admin suppress the new indicator and report if we do not want to see it?

10. Will the addition of Turnitin’s AI detection functionality to the Similarity report change my workflow or the way I use the Similarity report?

11. Will the AI detection capabilities be available via LMSs such as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc?

12. Does the MS Teams integration support the AI writing detection feature?

13. How is authorship detection within Originality different from AI writing detection?

AI detection results & interpretation

1. What does the percentage in the AI writing detection indicator mean?

2. What is the accuracy of Turnitin’s AI writing indicator?

3. How does Turnitin ensure that the false positive rate for a document remains less than 1%?

4. The percentage shown sometimes doesn’t match the amount of text highlighted. Why is that?

5. What do the different indicators mean?

6. What can I do if I feel that the AI indicator is incorrect? How does Turnitin’s indicator address false positives?

7. Will students be able to see the results?

8. Does the AI Indicator automatically feed a student’s paper into a repository?

9. What is the difference between the Similarity score and the AI writing detection percentage? Are the two completely separate or do they influence each other?

10. Why do I see the AI Writing score and the corresponding report on the similarity report prior to April 4?

11. Does the Turnitin model take into account that AI writing detection technology might be biased against particular subject-areas or second-language writers?

12. How can I use the AI indicator percentage in the classroom with students?

13. Can I download the AI report like the Similarity report?

Scope of detection

1. Which AI writing models can Turnitin’s technology detect?

2. Which model is Turnitin’s AI detection model based on?

3. Is your current model able to detect GPT-4 generated text?

4. How will Turnitin be future-proofing for advanced versions of GPT and other large language models yet to emerge?

5. Will the AI percentage change over time as the detector and the models it is detecting evolve?

6. Can Turnitin detect if text generated by an AI writing tool (ChatGPT, etc.) is further paraphrased using a paraphrasing tool? Will it flag the content as AI-generated even in this instance?

7. Does Turnitin have plans to build a solution to detect when students paraphrase content either themselves or through tools such as Quillbot, etc.,?

Access & licensing

1. Who will get access to this solution? Will we need to pay more for this capability?

2. When can customers get access to this solution?

3. Is Turnitin’s AI writing detection a standalone solution or is it part of another product?

4. Why is AI detection not being added to other Turnitin products like Gradescope and iThenticate?

5. Where can I find more information about this new solution?

6. I’m offended that Turnitin is making the AI writing detection free for instructors then charging for it later. It feels like Turnitin is advertising to faculty.

7. If I opt-out of AI detection, does it mean that my students’ submissions will not be assessed by the detection tool and data retained by Turnitin?