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Turnitin Partners with Metametrics® to Add Lexile® Measures to Revision Assistant

Inclusion of Lexile® measures for Revision Assistant writing prompts aids teachers in assigning prompts that are appropriate to students’ reading level

Oakland, Calif.

Turnitin has added Lexile measures to its instructional writing program, Revision Assistant, to better help teachers match appropriate texts to individual students and personalize instruction. The Lexile® Framework for Reading is the go-to standard for matching student reading levels to text complexity. Click to tweet.

Students write better essays when they fully understand the text they are writing about. Revision Assistant is an instructional tool that gives immediate, specific, and actionable feedback to students while they are engaged in the process of writing essays in response to specific prompts, many of which are source-based. Now, teachers can use Lexile measures to ensure that the reading selections they assign to students within Revision Assistant are appropriate to each individual pupil. Students will be able to write essays for prompts that meet their specific reading levels, all the while receiving feedback to help them improve their skills.

“When writing prompts are tied to one or more pieces of text, the exercise becomes a literacy task as well,” said Elijah Mayfield, vice president of new technologies at Turnitin. “Lexile measures help us to provide the best information about the rigor of the task as a whole.”

Lexile information will be visible to teachers during the assignment set up process. Turnitin joins a growing cohort of education technology developers and publishers who leverage Lexile information from MetaMetrics to support students in over 180 countries, with over 35 million students in the U.S. receiving that information to support their reading development.

“Lexile measures have become the most prevalent metric to help teachers identify appropriate texts for their students,” said Malbert Smith, Ph.D., CEO & cofounder of MetaMetrics. “I applaud Turnitin for using Lexile measures to give teachers the same confidence they do with reading texts, as they assign prompts in Revision Assistant.”

See Revision Assistant in action here. More information about MetaMetrics and the Lexile Framework, at: and

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