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Turnitin and Kira Talent Partner to Offer Robust Solution for Plagiarism Checking in Admissions

New partnership will help schools investigate the integrity of admissions materials submitted by their applicants.

Oakland, Calif.

Turnitin, the leading provider of academic integrity solutions, and Kira Talent, the world’s only holistic admissions solution, announced today a new partnership to help detect plagiarism in admissions applications.

As college admissions practices are under increased scrutiny, it’ s becoming more important than ever for schools to ensure application integrity. Some Turnitin customers find that, on average, 5-9% of applicants have potentially plagiarized their essays. Yet, survey results from Kira Talent indicate that only 30% of admissions teams have a process in place to prevent and detect admissions fraud.

Kira Talent Plagiarism Checker powered by Turnitin will help admissions offices authenticate whether or not an applicant has submitted original content. All uploaded documents and timed written responses within the Kira platform can be scanned by Turnitin’s industry-leading software to detect cases of potential plagiarism.

“The heat of the recent college admissions scandal has prompted schools to rethink their admissions process. Our partnership with Turnitin will help level the playing field for applicants entering the hyper-competitive higher education landscape, bringing us one step closer in our mission to make admissions fair,” says Emilie Cushman, Founder and CEO of Kira Talent.

Turnitin understands that in the admissions process, plagiarism checking is just one component of holistic evaluation. By partnering, Turnitin and Kira talent facilitate a well-rounded approach to reviewing each applicant while promoting integrity every step of the way.

“While Turnitin solutions are used by over 15,000 institutions all over the world, admissions offices continue to represent a growth opportunity,” says Valerie Schreiner, Turnitin Chief Product Officer. “By integrating into Kira Talent’s thoughtful workflow, more admissions offices will have access to Turnitin solutions than ever before, bringing integrity to the forefront of the higher education admissions process.”

Turnitin and Kira Talent are thrilled to start conversations around this solution with attendees of the Graduate Management Admissions Council Annual Conference today in Denver, Colorado.

About Kira Talent

Kira Talent is the world’s only holistic admissions solution designed for higher education. Founded in 2012, Kira transforms the admissions process by combining on-demand, timed video and timed written assessments with existing admissions requirements. Kira partners with more than 300 programs worldwide to build applicant-first assessments that identify and select their best-fit students. Kira Talent is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. @KiraTalent

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