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Turnitin acquires GradeHub

GradeHub’s modern and intuitive approach to bubble sheet exams add to Turnitin’s growing assessment capabilities

Oakland, Calif.

Turnitin has acquired GradeHub, a technology tool that modernizes bubble sheet grading workflows and provides data that helps instructors write better, fairer exams. GradeHub is the latest addition to Turnitin’s growing assessment capabilities. Its comprehensive multiple choice and reporting capabilities will be migrated to assessment platform Gradescope to further accelerate grading at scale for all courses and departments.

GradeHub was created by Mark Espinola, former division president of Scantron™. Espinola and co-founder Dario Traverso set out to improve upon the costly and outdated multiple choice machines many institutions rely on for grading exams. GradeHub makes it easy for instructors to administer, score, and analyze exams using a modern, cloud-based approach.

GradeHub aims to give all educators “a smarter way” to grade answer sheets. In becoming a part of the Turnitin family, GradeHub will be able to realize this vision more quickly for more educators around the globe. For more information, read Mark Espinola’s letter to the GradeHub community here.

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