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iMaxSoft and Turnitin complete a technical integration between Turnitin Similarity and HelloLMS

The new integration brings Turnitin’s leading text similarity detection technology to HelloLMS

Seoul, Korea.

Today, iMaxSoft, the developer of HelloLMS, and Turnitin, a global provider of assessment and grading solutions, have announced the completion of the technical integration between HelloLMS and Turnitin Similarity.

Turnitin Similarity is a widely trusted text similarity detection and plagiarism prevention tool. It helps institutions, educators, and students cultivate the highest academic integrity standards. Turnitin Similarity offers reliable text similarity detection by checking student submissions against its fast-growing content database, including 99+ billion web pages with 22 million more added daily, 1.8 billion student papers, and 82 million scholarly publications.

The integration allows iMaxSoft customers to take advantage of Turnitin Similarity directly within HelloLMS. An easy-to-use text similarity report is available for Turnitin Similarity customers as an integrated component of the HelloLMS workflow. Several customer institutions of HelloLMS are successfully piloting the integration already.

“As a leading learning management solution provider in Korea, we know this partnership has the potential for far-reaching impact,” said Marketing Director at iMaxSoft, James Hong. “Turnitin is globally recognized for its academic integrity solutions and is used by many renowned academic institutions. We sought to bring Turnitin’s powerful functionality to Korean institutions and learners.”

Turnitin Similarity provides an optimal experience for HelloLMS customers with native interface support in Korean and a database of Korean language materials that has more than doubled since 2020 with over 285 million content sources.

“The technical phase of the alliance has been successfully completed,” said Manushree Bahukhandi, Business Development Director, Alliances, Turnitin. We very much look forward to helping more Korean academic institutions make the most of our integrated educational solutions.”

Going forward, Turnitin and iMaxSoft hope to continue to elevate academic integrity and assessment standards for Korean education.

About iMaxSoft

iMaxSoft was founded in 2004 in Seoul, South Korea. It launched the innovative Learning Management System HelloLMS in 2011 to promote new possibilities for higher education institutions. iMaxSoft has since implemented thousands of upgrades to meet the growing needs of users and institutions in a dynamic learning environment. HelloLMS currently reaches over 700,000 users in South Korea at more than 70 higher education institutions.

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About Turnitin

Turnitin is a global company dedicated to ensuring the integrity of education and meaningfully improving learning outcomes. For more than 25 years, Turnitin has partnered with educational institutions to promote honesty, consistency, and fairness across all subject areas and assessment types. Turnitin products are used by educational institutions and certification and licensing programs to uphold integrity and increase learning performance, and by students and professionals to do their best, original work.

Turnitin has offices in Australia, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, The United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. Over 17,000 customers in 185 countries use Turnitin services: Gradescope by Turnitin, iThenticate, Turnitin Feedback Studio, Turnitin Originality, Turnitin Similarity, ExamSoft by Turnitin, ProctorExam and Ouriginal.