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Disrupting plagiarism: Building a culture of academic honesty

A free teaching pack from Turnitin

Drive formative learning and turn student plagiarism into a teachable moment by downloading our free teaching pack containing 20 resources.

Developed by Turnitin’s Teaching & Learning Innovations team - composed of veteran educators, the Disrupting Plagiarism Pack is a series of teaching aids and lesson plans on promoting a culture of academic honesty at your institution.

Designed to make formative learning around plagiarism and academic integrity easier for students and educators, it’s aimed at fostering more teachable moments throughout students’ writing and research process.

These resources can be used as a cohesive unit or incorporated into your existing curriculum, to facilitate meaningful discussions between educators and students.

Here’s a selection of resources on offer:

  • Building and maintaining a classroom honor code
  • The Plagiarism Spectrum 2.0
  • Avoiding plagiarism poster
  • Research planning worksheet
  • Understanding text similarity for students

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