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Actionable strategies to evaluate students’ AI writing use

A free guide from Turnitin

Understanding how students are engaging with AI writing tools is a priority for institutions. Our guide explores what department heads and education leaders ought to consider in minimizing risk and maximizing success with AI writing.

Packed with research data, insights, and advice, the guide spans four key pillars: safeguarding academic and integrity standards; cultivating students’ original thinking; empowering educators to drive change; and adapting teaching and assessment for authentic learning. By the end of this guide, you will have gained a deeper insight into how your institution can leverage resources and tools to mobilize educators, administrators, and students in the age of AI writing.

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • Increasing adoption of AI writing tools that requires a framework to govern their use.
  • Students seeking guidance on AI writing within their courses and how they can upskill.
  • Why training teaching faculty to deliver AI-enabled pedagogy is an essential investment.
  • The priority of assessment reform across the sector to dispense with methods that are no longer fit for purpose.
  • Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities that support institutions to maintain academic standards and integrity in the age of AI and facilitate authentic learning and AI-enabled assessment.