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GenAI in Higher Education: Fall 2023 Update of Time for Class Study

The Tyton Partners’ 2023 Time For Class Study features the perspectives of students, instructors, and administrators in higher education, in the area of GenAI.

Find out how generative AI is reshaping higher education

In this study, you will uncover the transformative role of Generative AI (GenAI) in higher education. Reaching over 1,000 faculty members and 1,600 students, this study brings you a focused analysis of GenAI's burgeoning role in academic settings.

Dive into the findings to understand:

  • The evolving relationship between students, faculty, and GenAI
  • How GenAI is shaping the learning experience and future job skills
  • The balance between academic integrity and innovative learning tools

View the full results of the study to gain a clearer picture of generative AI progress across the sector.