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Case Study

LSU streamlining the education experience for student and instructor with technology-driven advancements

LSU is a research-extensive university promoting the highest levels of intellectual and personal development amongst its undergraduate and graduate students.

In this case study we explore LSU’s journey with Turnitin products in serving a diverse group of students and faculty, with a Moodle integration enabling LSU to centralize and scale their educational services, including training and instructional design.

Challenges in streamlined learning

Louisiana State University (LSU), the renowned academic institution, caters to a large population of students, researchers, faculty, staff and administrators, each with a diverse set of needs. In order for the small team at LSU Online to meet and exceed the needs across the university, they chose Turnitin to integrate with Moodle in order to provide an innovative experience that addresses each need with the appropriate solution.

Turnitin offers comprehensive support for various stakeholders within the LSU community. From students honing their writing skills to instructors grappling with grading and researchers protecting their scholarly integrity, LSU is able to provide tools that cater to everyone’s unique needs. Regardless of whether one is on campus, remote, or satellite, attending a classroom session, or even pursuing studies part-time, Turnitin’s set of products ensure access to tailored solutions. LSU Online, in collaboration with faculty and staff, has harnessed the power of these tools to integrate them seamlessly into its learning management system, Moodle. The outcome: a seamless offering of best in class applications that are readily available to individuals across the university regardless of their role.

Results in streamlined learning

Focusing on innovation and its commitment to offering the best to its students, LSU Online aims to simplify the academic experience for instructors and students and enhance the productivity of their small central team. By integrating Turnitin products such as Gradescope and Turnitin Feedback Studio into Moodle, the LSU Online team is able to provide widespread visibility, access and training to tools that will improve assessment and learning outcomes. It enables students, researchers, and faculty to access the tools they need effortlessly. Supporting solutions centrally ensures that LSU Online can accommodate the requirements of different user groups, even as the university continues to grow and needs change.

Initial results included:

  • Decrease in grading overload
  • Solutions for every discipline
  • Increase in actionable student feedback
  • Maintaining high standards of academic integrity

Instructors in both STEM and Liberal Arts fields expressed a renewed optimism in grading since adopting Turnitin’s tools into their curriculum. Going beyond grading, staff also value the complementary nature of Turnitin products as formative learning tools. One English instructor praised the workflow in supporting student outcomes:

“I can put Feedback Studio and Gradescope in a course and have students run the essay through Feedback Studio, and other homework or quizzes through Gradescope. So they also work together really well.”

The LSU Online team, with a broad and ever-increasing range of responsibilities as they support users of all types across the university, has benefited greatly from Turnitin. By leveraging the tools’ capabilities, the team has been able to expand its reach and offer the right solutions to its constituents. The tools facilitate essential functions such as training, data collection, student feedback, instructional design, and tool recommendation, which can now be efficiently provided to everyone across the university.

Further, students and instructors alike appreciate the user-friendly interface and compatibility with Moodle which make it incredibly convenient for different departments to adopt new tools and features seamlessly. The ease of use and centralized support offered by Turnitin’s solutions have alleviated the burden on the LSU Online team, enabling them to focus on their core mission of delivering quality education and support services.

As LSU continues to prioritize innovation and adaptability in the face of evolving educational needs, the partnership between LSU Online and Turnitin stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to providing cutting-edge resources and support to its students, researchers, and faculty members. With the “app for that” revolutionizing the way academic requirements are met, LSU is poised to lead the way in embracing technology-driven advancements in education. By empowering the university community with this versatile set of tools, the university aims to create a lasting impact on the academic landscape at LSU.


I think [Turnitin] Feedback Studio as a writing-centered tool is probably one of the most, if not the most valuable tool that we have in Moodle right now. We have had such a huge push in the past few years or so for academic integrity, that everybody uses it."

Lynne Nahmens
Assistant Director of Learner & Career Pathways Louisiana State University
University of Wollongong in Dubai

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“It would have been much more difficult for us to expand in the way that we have at LSU Online without a suite of tools like Turnitin offers, to assure our instructors and our students that their needs would be met.”

Erica N Daigle, PhD
LMS Administrator, Louisiana State University
University of Wollongong in Dubai
We’re excited to guide instructors to mix and match solutions, since Feedback Studio and Gradescope do different things, and can be used together to help instructors do what they need.
Melissa Fuller-Killgore
Academic Technology Consultants, Louisiana State University
University of Wollongong in Dubai
We’re excited to guide instructors to mix and match solutions, since Feedback Studio and Gradescope do different things, and can be used together to help instructors do what they need.
Erica N Daigle, PhD
LMS Administrator, Louisiana State University
University of Wollongong in Dubai

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