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Turnitin Advances Academic Integrity with Launch of iThenticate 2.0 and New Similarity Report

AI-powered capabilities and enhanced features anticipate market needs, deliver insights about use of AI writing tools and create a seamless user-experience

AI-powered capabilities and enhanced features anticipate market needs, deliver insights about use of AI writing tools and create a seamless user-experience

The Turnitin Team
The Turnitin Team

Turnitin, a leading provider of technology solutions in academic integrity, today announced the launch of iThenticate 2.0 and a newly redesigned Similarity Report across its core integrity products. iThenticate 2.0 checks more than 14 million documents annually and is used by over 1500 top publishers globally to screen scholarly works and manuscripts against 97 percent of the top 10,000 cited journals. The new Similarity Report preview will be enabled for all iThenticate 2.0, Originality Check, Similarity and Originality customers, providing actionable insights for faster, targeted feedback that support academic integrity.

“We often hear from the education community that too much time is spent determining if written work has been plagiarized or produced with generative AI tools,” said Annie Chechitelli, chief product officer, Turnitin. “iThenticate 2.0 and the new Similarity Report address those concerns by providing clear and actionable insights to educators that support meaningful student conversations. Turnitin is committed to investing time and resources into continuous innovation, rooted in responsiveness to customer feedback, enhanced user experience and our ability to proactively address market needs.”

iThenticate 2.0 - Significant updates to iThenticate 2.0 create a more seamless user-experience, including:

  • Access to AI Writing insights: supports identification of AI-generated text, helping users preserve the integrity of high stakes content. Following the free preview, AI writing insights will be available with an upgraded license.
  • Updated Similarity Report: helps the research community to focus on specific forms of research misconduct, including text recycling and redundant or duplicate publication.
  • Enhanced collaboration features: enables research teams to create user groups that work together fluidly, providing access to carefully selected file sets and folders throughout the review and editing process, and expediting multiple rounds of approvals
  • Improved exclusion capabilities: refines exclusion capabilities, allowing reviewers to dynamically discount different matches within a writing submission to produce a more precise and accurate similarity score.
  • New flags panel: helps identify deliberate text manipulation, such as replaced or hidden characters that may have been used in an effort to bypass similarity algorithms.

To learn more about iThenticate 2.0, read our recent blog post

The new Similarity Report has been redesigned with an intuitive interface and new categorization of match types, making it easier for instructors to interpret the report and leverage the data as a formative learning tool to strengthen academic writing skills and facilitate meaningful conversations with students.
The new Similarity Report features includes:

  • New match categories: leverages AI-powered capabilities to group matches based on citations and quotations, providing at-a-glance details about the types of text overlap detected in their report.
  • Integrated AI writing detection capabilities: enables AI capabilities to be seamlessly integrated within the report to help identify when AI writing tools such as ChatGPT may have been used in a submission. Following the free preview, AI writing detection capabilities will be available with an upgraded license.
  • Newly redesigned interface: provides an intuitive interface, in-app guidance, mobile-friendly options, and support for assistive technologies.
  • More insightful integrity checks: helps educators to quickly discern between intent and teachable moments, freeing up more time for meaningful and tailored feedback that addresses students’ specific needs.


Enhanced Similarity Report features will be rolled out to customers through Turnitin Originality, Originality Check and Turnitin Similarity licenses, and is in beta for Turnitin Feedback Studio and Turnitin Feedback Studio with Originality.