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Write with Us Wednesdays: A Retrospective

All the articles from Write with Us Wednesdays at Turnitin compiled into one place for convenience

All the articles from Write with Us Wednesdays at Turnitin, in one convenient location!

Over the past two months we have reserved Wednesdays on the blog for the practitioners. We've highlighted product updates, feature use cases, and curricular strategies to support educators throughout the first few weeks of Back-to-School.

Just case you missed a post— it's a busy time of year, after all— we've compiled the series of articles below. Take a walk down (short-term) memory lane with us, browse through the descriptions, and discover all the varied ways you can improve writing and ensure academic integrity with Turnitin.

  • Meet the Curriculum Team: Meet the educators that reside within Turnitin's walls. The Curriculum Team is responsible for the educational content within Turnitin's products as well as the external instructional supports. To view some examples of the Curriculum Team's work, check out the Revision Assistant Exemplars and the Revision Assistant Crosswalk Rubrics, which highlight the similarities between our genre rubrics and some of the most popular writing rubrics in the country.
  • The Written Word: Are you all caught up on Turnitin's new podcast, The Written Word? At Turnitin, we value the writing process and the role that writing plays in our society. The Written Word is our platform for interrogating all things writing. Tune in for episodes that examine all things writing. Topics include authentic writing, writing in the digital age, collaborative writing and so much more! Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.
  • All Things New with Revision Assistant: Just in time for Back-to-School, we have released new Revision Assistant prompts, rubrics and feedback. The Signal Check, Spot Check, and Expansion Pack libraries have all grown, and exemplars have doubled since the last school year ended! In addition to a wealth of new prompts, we have made significant improvements to the Narrative genre. Based on teacher input, we've optimized the rubric, scoring, and comments to provide more actionable feedback to students.
  • It's All Cyclical: Iterating and Innovating in the Classroom: Dr. Natashia Hill, a Dual Credit and Advanced Placement English teacher at Clint Early College Academy, shares the four phases of creating a culture of classroom innovation: 1) The Five Essential Teacher Processes; 2) Guinea Pig Season; 3) Evaluation, Reflection, and Adjustments; 4) Implementation. Check this article out to learn more about each phase.
  • 5 Ways Technology Transforms Writing Instruction: From Instant Gratification to Iteration: Teachers tell us that their students often operate with a "one-and-done" approach to writing essays. Or, when they do revise, this revision involves a cursory grammar check rather than a profound content change. However, it's a common premise that students don't grow as writers when their first draft is also their final. Find out how digital technologies can help students recognize that writing is, in fact, a process.
  • What's New with Feedback Studio: It's been a summer full of improvements for Turnitin Feedback Studio. Thanks to input from administrators, instructors, and students, we improved the product experience on a variety of fronts. Updates include faster, more responsive customer support, improved data reports, higher resolution of student work, and immediate grammar feedback.
  • Learning > Logistics: Three Things You Can Do with Turnitin and Kannu: Turnitin and Kannu by Kadenze have partnered to offer our latest LTI integration. Enjoy features such as built-in plagiarism prevention, enhanced commenting and grading features, and feedback on assignments from multiple instructors. Thanks to these tools, educators, and students are empowered to engage in a feedback process that encourages academic integrity and enables students to grow as original thinkers and writers.