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Top Ten Turnitin Blogs of 2018

The most popular Turnitin blogs from the past year on education, plagiarism, and pedagogy

As we wrap up 2018, we reflected on our top blog posts of the year and wanted to share them again.

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell

Here at Turnitin, we strive to provide meaningful resources and helpful information for students, teachers, administrators, and researchers alike. Whether it’s a blog post, a Tweet, or an email newsletter, our content team works hard to understand the needs of our educators and how best to reach them. As we wrap up the year, we reflected on our top blog posts of 2018 and we wanted to share them again. We think these posts successfully embody the values of the Turnitin community and uniquely illustrate the spectrum of what worldwide educators sought out most throughout 2018:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Parent-Teacher Conferences: Guest blogger, Ashley Huckabone, an experienced elementary educator teaching 4th-grade in New Haven, CT, shares her suggestions and helpful tips on how to make conferences successful. A worthwhile read for anyone in secondary education, whether it is conference season or not!
  • Cultural Differences in Plagiarism: An academic integrity policy is completely cultural. So, what does this mean for international students? This blog explores the implications of different cultural perspectives on academic integrity and how educators can better support student understanding across the board.
  • 5 Things Students Might Not Know About Plagiarism: Writer Jonathan Bailey details the five things that students may not be aware of concerning plagiarism, including (wait for it…) that research papers about plagiarism often contain plagiarism.
  • Three Things Your Students Don’t Know About Academic Integrity: Digital technology has blurred the lines of ownership and originality, so understanding academic integrity is more important than ever. Discover three things students may not know about academic integrity with this interesting post.
  • 3 Ways Essay Mills Make it Easy to Buy an Essay: As the grim implications of contract cheating on campuses worldwide increase, it is essential for students and educators alike to understand the practices that make these industries thrive and what they can do to combat them.
  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Plagiarism: Did you know that the first time the word “plagiarism” was used in its modern sense was roughly 80 AD? And while plagiarism is an important topic of conversation recently in schools, politics, the news and beyond, there are still many things that people may not know about it. This blog features a few interesting facts that will help you to better understand the wide world of plagiarism.
  • Apps and Resources for Students on the Spectrum: In April, for World Autism Month, Turnitin helped to spread awareness about a disorder that affects around 1 in every 160 children worldwide. This blog features a few of the best apps and resources to help families and educators around the world in the Autism/Asperger community.
  • Top 10 Bookmarks for Back-to-School: During the busy back-to-school season, we know that teachers and administrators are working overtime to prepare their classrooms and curriculum for the upcoming year. This blog offered the top ten Turnitin links we recommend adding to make the semester smooth and successful.
  • A Student’s Perspective On Turnitin: Then and Now: Many students view Turnitin as public enemy #1, and this image is one that is not easy to shake. However, having the opportunity to work for Turnitin has gifted one student with very unique insight into what the company is all about.
  • Introducing the Turnitin Resources Page: Earlier this year, revamped our website to include a meaningful, easy-to-use Resources Page. We partnered with learners and leaders from around the world to cultivate a collection of thoughtful resources for the classroom and beyond.