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Top Ten Reasons to Love a Library

Our top ten reasons to love all libraries.

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell

Did you know that Americans check out more than 2 billion items each year from their public libraries? It’s true! Over 68% of the people in this country have a library card. In celebration of National Library Week here in the United States, we’ve crafted the Top Ten Reasons to Love a Library.

10. Some of the greatest minds in history live there. Shakespeare, Austen, Park, and Neruda all have a place on our library shelves. By simply wandering the stacks and taking a look around, you’re sure to be inspired.

9. Quiet is cool. You can find your focus in a variety of silent spots and peaceful places without fear of noisy distractions.

8. Knowledge is power. Reading fills your brain with the stuff you need to be your best self and live your life to the fullest.

7. Communities thrive in libraries. From Movie Nights and author visits to after-school tutoring and “How To” classes, libraries are host to an infinite number of events that go beyond reading and bring people together.

6. Checking out books is free. (You knew that, right?) There’s absolutely no cost to bringing the most magical stories right into your home. And not only books: libraries also have CDs, magazines, movies, even artwork that you can check out. All at the crazy low cost of free.

5. Librarians know everything. Well, almost everything. And if they don’t have the answer, they will help you figure out how to find it.

4. Research databases. Libraries subscribe to expensive online database services that most people could not afford on their own. With just a library card number and the click of a button, you can access news archives, academic research, genealogy, digital images and much, much more.

3. Did I mention that checking out books is free?

2. The world wide web. For individuals without internet connections at school, work, or home, public libraries are the number one point of online access. That means that libraries help folks get connected and stay connected.

1. Because... reading. Reading whisks us away to new lands, teaches us about the world around us, drives us to ask hard questions and asks us to imagine “What if?” Without libraries, where would we be? So, go on: head to your local library today and show them some love.