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Reflecting on the Top 10 Turnitin Posts of 2019

As you begin 2020 and reflect on this past year, here are the top 10 Turnitin posts of 2019.

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell

2020 has begun and with the New Year arrives energy, gusto, and reflection. As you consider what to tackle in the coming months, take a moment to look back on your successes and challenges from 2019. What actions or decisions made you feel confident and capable? What routines or situations brought frustration and could benefit from a change in the New Year?

Reflection is an essential part of growth and learning, allowing our brains to internalize information in a meaningful way and assess areas that need attention, focus, or adjustment. Research has shown that after merely 10 days of purposeful, 15-minute reflection, employees performed 23% better than peers who did not set aside time at the end of each day to reflect.

Not into self-reflection? There are myriad reasons why folks may shy away from this type of thinking, including the fear of discovering unpleasant feelings or having a bias towards action. The Harvard Business Review offers a few helpful tips on how to become more reflective, which may be just the ticket for you to jumpstart 2020.

Still not sure? Sometimes reflection simply needs a topic to get careful thinking started. Here at Turnitin, we’re conducting our own contemplation and looking back on our most engaging content from the past twelve months. Check out our top ten posts from 2019 as inspiration for reflection as you begin your New Year.

10. Did someone say plagiarism detection bot? If you’ve ever wondered how Wikipedia makes certain that its content is top-notch, Turnitin is the answer. Wikipedia partnered with iThenticate to create an automated solution for plagiarism that could ensure the high quality and reusability of its content.

9. Not the brightest crayon in the box. Check out these 15 IRL ways that educators discovered that their students had plagiarized. Some are so outrageous, you’ll have to read it to believe it.

8. Don’ t forget to say please. In response to Malcolm Gladwell’s assertion that “plagiarism is just bad manners,” Turnitin takes a stand and determines that plagiarism is, in fact, a bigger deal than simply forgetting to say please and thank you.

7. How do you cite a source again? As students and instructors jump back into writing and research for 2020, it’s worth reviewing this blog that covers the basics of citation formats and ALL the wonderful details behind MLA, APA, and CMOS.

6. Graduation within reach. Seniors are mere months away from graduation and with that comes the natural inclination to relax. Stay strong and know that these next few months are as crucial as any-- reflect on how you started your senior year with focus and do your best to end with it.

5. One of these things is not like the other. Wondering how to consume media and news diligently and with a keen eye? Use these five tips when perusing headlines in order to determine which news articles have a greater chance of being fake.

4. My dog ate my homework. We’ve all been there: exhausted, overwhelmed, or simply tempted by a far more interesting alternative. Attending class is a priority, but sometimes students just need a break. Check out these 15 hilarious IRL student excuses for missing class.

3. Can Students Trick Turnitin? Well, can they?! Read more to find out.

2. You belong here. Instructors in large lecture courses (or even small ones!) often struggle with how to make their students feel included and valued. This blog offers seven tips on how to give students a sense of belonging in the classroom.

1. The New York Times takes on essay mills. Taking a deep dive into the growing business of essay writers for hire, the New York Times featured Turnitin in an article that discussed the rising threat of contract cheating on campuses worldwide.

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