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The Best of Both Worlds: Turnitin + Canvas

Turnitin has partnered with Canvas to create a seamless experience between assignments on Canvas and Turnitin's features

Calling all Canvas users! Prepare to experience Canvas and Turnitin in a whole new way with the new Plagiarism Framework. This optimized integration allows Turnitin's trusted similarity features to work with Canvas assignments in the most seamless way possible. Here are three ways you can live your best life with Turnitin and the Canvas Plagiarism Framework.

Why not Both?

Love Turnitin's Originality Check functionality but also in a long-term, grading relationship with Canvas Speedgrader? We're sorry that we used to make you choose. Good news: now you can use both Turnitin's similarity checking feature and Speedgrader on the same Canvas assignment. This is what it feels like to have your cake and eat it too. It's also what it feels like to grade and prevent plagiarism with greater efficiency than ever before.

Make the Grade

We hate to bring up painful memories, but let's reflect on a few less-than-stellar user experiences you may have had in the past. Have you invested time and energy in Canvas rubrics only to leave them behind when checking for originality with Turnitin? Or, even worse, did you have to create duplicate assignments to use both features? Say goodbye to grading compromises. Now, you can simultaneously leverage all the LMS grading and similarity checking tools in your toolbelt.

Group Project Greatness

One of the great things about using Canvas in the classroom is that it supports collaboration with robust group assignment features. Thanks to the new Plagiarism Framework, you can now easily use Turnitin's similarity checking functionality on these group assignments. Installation and configuration for this option (and everything mentioned above!) are easy and fast. One checkbox selects Turnitin, and one page contains all the settings for an assignment.

Thanks to the Plagiarism Framework, the best of both Turnitin and Canvas are right at your fingertips, and the world is looking brighter already.