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Strategies and Resources for Resilient Learners

Helpful resources for creating resilient learners and helping them to learn how to tackle academic challenges

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell

When things don't go according to plan, how do we learn to keep going? More importantly, how can educators help to nurture resilient learners in the classroom?

Students need to understand that they are not born with resilience, but rather develop their tenacity through challenges over time. Fostering an environment that values goal-setting, problem-solving, growth and reflection is crucial for students as they build their academic integrity and their ability to persevere.

Because perseverance and academic integrity are undeniably intertwined, Turnitin has created a free collection of resources to support educators in cultivating resilient learners in the classroom. From teaching strategies that will help students successfully tackle new learning obstacles to dynamic learning resources (did someone say a perseverance playlist?), this pack provides educators and students the tools and inspiration that are needed most when the going gets tough.

Click here to download the Perseverance Packs for Secondary and Higher Education. Gain access to the webcast on cultivating resilient learners, perseverance conversation starters, classroom activities, and more.