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Three Ways Feedback Studio Can Make Reporting and Grading Easy

Three tips on how Turnitin's Feedback Studio can help make your grading and reporting run even more smoothly

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell

As the end of the school year approaches, resources to make grading, parent/teacher conferences, and semester wrap-up a little easier are tremendously valuable to educators. Here are three ways Turnitin Feedback Studio can make grading and reporting run smoothly as 2017 comes to a close.

Export Grades and Download Papers in Bulk

In the final weeks of school, it can be helpful to have a simple process to gather papers and grades before the flurry of finals. Exporting student grades from Feedback Studio to Excel allows an instructor to have all of the scores in just one place. Just click on the Excel icon on the Summary page of the assignment and the grades will be automatically exported. Hoping to download student Feedback Studio papers in bulk? Click on either the Word Document or PDF icon on the Summary page to initiate a bulk download. This feature is particularly useful when preparing materials for parents/teacher conferences or gathering exemplary assignments for a final one-on-one meeting with students.

Utilize QuickMarks

Every teacher knows that grading those final papers in the weeks leading up to winter break can feel endless. QuickMarks saves time by allowing instructors to craft a library of comments that they can use on writing assignments for multiple students across many classes. When teachers can efficiently add comments to writing assignments and give meaningful feedback to students with ease, the grading period at the end of the year feels much less daunting.


One of the most formative ways an instructor can teach students the value of careful writing and precise proofreading is through peer editing. With PeerMark, students can work together to edit their peers' work, then move on to independently revising and preparing their final drafts. Students learn from each other and instructors spend less time correcting basic errors and more time evaluating how a student has demonstrated overall writing growth. PeerMark is truly a win-win for students and teachers, not just at the end of the semester, but throughout the school year, as well.