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New Grading Forms in Turnitin

Rubrics are a great way to consistently and objectively evaluate student work—but lets face it, rubrics can be time-consuming when what you really want to do is quickly evaluate student work based on a set of predefined criteria or learning goals.

Turnitin's new Grading Forms are simple rubrics that allow an instructor to give free-form feedback and scores for students broken out across a list of criteria.

Instructors can create grading forms from the Rubric/Form Manager in GradeMark or in their Turnitin class libraries. To create a grading form simply select "create new grading form" from the menu in their Rubric/Form Manager. The instructor will then be able to create a list of criteria and enter an optional description for each criterion. The instructor can set whether to use scoring in the grading form. If scoring is used, a score field will appear for each criterion in the scorecard view of the grading form. After a grading form is created it can be attached to an assignment in the same manner as a rubric.

The Turnitin Team
The Turnitin Team

Once a grading form has been attached to an assignment, the scorecard for the grading form can be accessed in the same spot in the document viewer that rubric scorecards are typically found. In the scorecard, instructors can enter free text in the text feilds below each criterion name. If scoring was enabled for the grading form, the instructor will also be able to enter a score for each criterion. If the scores entered are numeric, they will be added and will appear as the grading form score. The grading form score can then be applied to the paper using the "Apply grading form total to grade" button that appears at the bottom of the scorecard.

What do grading forms look like? In the Rubric/Form Manager

In the Document Viewer

Grading Forms allow the tutor to add a non-numeric score in the score area as well as a numeric score (see below), however at this time the overall summary score for the assignment must still be a number. There is a separate feature (which you can vote for) which will see non-integer grades added to the summary grade as well.

In the Document Viewer with non-numeric grade

Note: the Grading Form will only add numeric grades together into the Total Score.

In the print view