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Academic integrity library

A free collection of eBooks from Turnitin

Academic integrity is a foundational element of the student learning journey; together with these free Turnitin resources, educators can lay the groundwork for success.

Academic integrity is a foundational element of the student learning journey.

This collection of three free, downloadable eBooks outlines best practices and offers data-driven information for students, educators, and administrators seeking to uphold assessment with integrity across all disciplines. Each eBook provides a relevant, meaningful selection of thoughtful materials organized by theme to serve as a resource for any time of the academic year.

With the Back to Basics: Everything you need to know about academic integrity eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a culture of academic integrity that enhances student learning outcomes and furthers institutional teaching efficacy. This eBook dives deeply into best practices on implementing academic integrity policies in order to transform assessment into learning.

With the Emerging trends in academic integrity eBook, you’ll understand:

  • How academic integrity is key to an accurate assessment of student knowledge and promoting integrity begins with building awareness around forms of academic misconduct. This eBook defines emerging trends and how they may impact students, classrooms, and institutions, with actionable steps towards mitigating them.

With the Academic integrity essentials eBook, you’ll be able to:

  • Discern the difference between plagiarism and academic integrity, and identify how contract cheating impacts the integrity and reputations of students, faculty, and schools. This eBook highlights the value of honor codes in a culture of academic integrity and the importance of authentic learning in fostering intrinsic motivation.

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