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Feedback Studio

The only comprehensive solution for preventing multiple forms of plagiarism, grading assignments, and safeguarding your institution's reputation.

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Prevent Plagiarism

Encourage original work, investigate authorship, and deter students from submitting assignments that compromise your institution’s integrity.

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Inform Policy

Support your academic integrity policies and uphold your reputation with flexible packages that meet your unique institutional needs.

Scale Your Impact

Save instructors’ time and build students’ critical thinking skills with robust feedback and grading features.

Safeguard Institutional Research

Protect your professional standing and ensure the originality of written work before publication.

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But Don't Take Our Word for It

Turnitin is trusted by over 15,000 institutions in over 140 countries.


Ensure the integrity of written work before publication. Compare scholarly work to our unparalleled database, including 165 million journal articles and subscription content sources.

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