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The University of Texas at San Antonio
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San Antonio, Texas (U.S.)
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The University of Texas at San Antonio is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through research and discovery, teaching and learning, community engagement and public service.


Professor Ashok Nedungadi needed a solution for delivering remote exams during the shift to online learning, and found a seamless transition with Gradescope.


The University of Texas at San Antonio started using Gradescope in 2016.


By 2021, 360 instructors had used Gradescope across 144 courses.


Professor Nedungadi has delivered 276 assignments reaching 1942 students with Gradescope.

What Gradescope allowed me to do was make the grading uniform and fair to all the students across the board.

- Ashok Nedungadi, Senior Lecturer of Engineering, The University of Texas at San Antonio


When traditional forms of assessment were no longer feasible in March 2020, the biggest challenge for UTSA faculty was performing remote assessments in a way that was effective, user friendly, and preserved integrity. Traditional paper-based forms of assessment were no longer viable with the loss of in-person instruction and proctoring. Without a clear remote assessment strategy, Professor Nedungadi took it upon himself to search for a solution that could help his students and colleagues alike. He states: “The biggest worry for faculty members—including myself—is how in the heavens are we going to do our exams? I reached out to Gradescope, and again Gradescope saved my day.” 


Professor Nedungadi opted to explore Gradecope’s online assignments capability as a way to build and deliver his online exams. He was able to create questions directly on Gradescope and apply enforceable time limits which set a defined window for completing an online exam. Setting up his assignments this way helped to reduce the risk of students cheating or working together on answers. It was also flexible enough for him to make accessibility exceptions for students, extending time to individuals as needed. 

When it came to grading, Gradescope allowed Professor Nedungadi to evaluate in parallel with his TAs without having to worry about version control. This not only saved him a lot of time, but ironed out grading inconsistencies and enhanced grading fairness across his courses. He found that the dynamic nature of the rubrics was a massive advantage over traditional forms of grading.

What’s more, he found that the intuitiveness and ease-of-use was so seamless that the transition to remote assessment was nearly imperceptible to his students. They were able to scan and upload their work using their cell phones for a smooth submission process. This allowed for an uninterrupted experience in what would otherwise be considered an upended academic year.

On reflecting about his experience: “I use Gradescope to grade homework. I use Gradescope to grade projects. I use Gradescope to grade reports. I use Gradescope to grade all exams. I've used Gradescope pretty much extensively and I've told everyone that I know.” 

It's really been seamless. It really helped us faculty to be completely worry-free. You know, now what do we do? We can't meet them in a classroom. We can't get them the exams. What are we going to do? It really saved us once again.

Ashok Nedungadi, Senior Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Ashok Nedungadi, Senior Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at San Antonio

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