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What's New with Feedback Studio

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The beginning of fall marks the end of a summer full of improvements for Turnitin Feedback Studio! Thanks to input from administrators, instructors, and students, we've improved the product experience on a variety of fronts. Check out what's new with Feedback Studio, and get prepared for the latest round of paper submissions.

1. Faster, more responsive customer support: Need some help using Feedback Studio? Our Support Team, now over 50% larger, aims to respond to all questions within the hour, on average.

2. Investigate cross-institutional plagiarism: Some academic integrity policies designate a central administrator to manage potential cases of plagiarism. Now, to support this workflow, you can email all requests to view potentially plagiarized papers to the administrator of your choice.

3. Improved data reports: You told us you wanted to dive. Our response: how deep? We've revamped data reports and administrators can now download usage, similarity, and feedback statistics by class, instructor, and integration.

4. Higher resolution view of student work: We've sharpened the resolution of student papers to make reading them easier on the eyes. You can see the difference, literally.

5. Immediate grammar feedback: Students benefit from receiving grammar guidance as soon as they submit a draft. We've deepened our partnership with ETS e--rater® to make this possible. Instructors will still be able to choose whether to turn e--rater® on or off for each assignment.

6. Simplified peer review: PeerMark assignment creation now requires fewer steps, and students can see peer feedback as soon as classmates complete it. *Note: For now, these PeerMark changes only apply to native accounts. We look forward to extending them to LMS customers soon.